Okay! Call me being off the deep end already! I’ve decided to learn
Finnish! Now, you must be wondering why on good earth would I be
interested to learn what is reputedly one of the most difficult European
language to learn which is only used by about 0.05% of the world’s
population? Heck! Some people even say that even Finns would be
surprised to know that anyone outside Finland would be interested to
learn their language! I dunno really, but it seemed like a good
challenge. I’ve never been good in learning languages (I may speak
and write good English and decent Bahasa, but ask me something
about the technicalities of the language and you’ll floor me easily!) so
I reckon if I could even pick up some decent Finnish, that’d be good
enough to prove myself otherwise. I’ve already managed to pick up
some phrases, starting with “menä en ymmärrä suomea!” which means,
“I don’t speak Finnish!” That’ll change in due time, I hope.

As I was browsing the web to look for Finnish language resources, I
stumbled upon the following which gives you some good reasons to
learn Finnish:

  • It is an essentially logical language. The rules are absolute and
    reliable in all situations, except exceptions.

  • It is a good sounding language; in other words, it is pleasing to the
    ear. This has to do with its wealth of vowels, which rules out ugly
    consonant clusters. It was recently suggested that some vowels should
    be exported to Czechoslovakia, where shortage of vowels is imminent,
    and that some Czech consonants should be imported to Finland.
    However, negotiations collapsed at an early stage. The Finns would not
    deal with a language that calls ice-cream ‘zrmzlina’, while the Czechs in
    turn distrusted a language that calls it ‘jäätelöä.’

  • It is a concise language. One Finnish word can mean several
    different things in English. Why lose time and energy saying ‘the
    committee that takes care of negotiations concerning the truce’ when
    you can use a simple little word like ‘aseleponeuvottelutoimikunta?’

  • Learning Finnish builds confidence. If you can learn Finnish, then
    you can learn anything.

  • Finnish has longer and better swear words than any other language.

The last one seems reason enough for me! Heheheh!