Stupid afternoon thunderstorm got my modem cooked again. *Sigh*
This is the 6th modem already and it’s even protected with a lightning
surge protector, so I dunno what gives. The last two modems I was
using were a good ones too (by 3Com and Creative) as compared to
other sucky winmodems. A quick IP and routing change and the
machines on my home network is still able to get onto the Internet via
the laptop. But whenever I’m not home, Mom and Sis can’t get on the
‘Net. So, I gotta be shopping for a modem soon. It’s gotta be internal.
Although I acknowledge external modems are somewhat better, I just
can’t stand the extra clutter in my workstation. There are already some
serious spaghetti going on at the back, so not having to add anything
else just helps to keep the clutter at where it is right now.