I must really admit, not only that I'm not a good writer, I'm not even a writer! At least I don't consider myself as one. One of the things that gets in my way of writing is that darned writer's block. And it really doesn't help that my line of work involves lots of writing and documenting stuff. I don't mind doing all the hands on job installing, commissioning and configuring equipment or systems but when it comes comes to putting it all down into words, I'm just lost for it. What you're reading on these webpages, are merely my measly attempts at writing. :P

Anyways, I've been having one reunion after another of late. The Class of 4 and 5 P (for Proboyz. Heh!) in MRSM Jasin back in 91/92 held a small gathering at a mamak stall in Desa Pandan tonight. Although it wasn't really in full attendance (only Aril, Syed, Boy, Zack, Haniff, Pajero, Meor, Mus and myself) it was certainly great being able to meet them dudes again, especially after a decade since I last saw any of them! Of course, no reunion would be complete without a retrospect into our juvenile years at the junior college in Jasin during those years! The Singing Compo Night, the Burger Sale, our teachers, etc. Nostalgia! Hope to see more faces during Syed's wedding reception come May 27th!

Listening to: Eminem – Without Me