Perhaps I should’ve just shut my trap about having to brace through a
Friday evening meeting the other day ‘cos what I just went through over
the weekend was just insane. A disaster occured at one of my company’s
client’s computing resources and I was among the few who had to
attend to the issue. To cut things short, we had to initiate the disaster
recovery plan and it lasted through the weekend. So technically, I’ve
been putting in 6 working days over the weekend (with each working
day being the standard 8 hours) already. At this moment of writing, I’ve
been awake for about 50 hours already since Saturday morning (God
help me ‘cos I haven’t brushed my teeth for two days already :P). That’s
how my weekend went. I’m off to sleep in a while.

Listening to: Wyclef Jean featuring Claudette Ortiz – Two Wrongs