It’s been a week I’ve been in Singapore already. After an initial hiccup
with the arrangement for my accomodation upon arrival a week ago,
everything’s been quite swell. I must admit that I didn’t really get to
settle down the first couple of days as I would like due to that hiccup.
Now that it’s all behind, it’s time to get my head down to business. I’ve
been put up at a service apartment smack in the middle of the
Singapore metropolitan, i.e. Orchard Road. The upside is that many
amenities, shopping, and ahem… “visual treats” are just within walking
distance. The downside? Pricey (‘cept for them visual treats, of course)!
But that’s not so much of an issue since the project site which I’m
assigned to has some amenities as well so it really is not that bad.
And speaking of work, although it’s more of an execution rather than
designing and planning (which I would like more), it still presents some
interesting sides to it since it’s not always that I get to see an
implementation of some complex computing infrastructure used as
part of a global financial institution. Sweet.

Anyhow, I went around Orchard Road yesterday and managed to get
my hands on The Simpsons Complete Second Season DVD
along with Jay-Z Unplugged,
Dave Matthews Band’s Busted Stuff
and Avant’s Ecstasy
CDs (Yes, I cannot find copies of those back home yet). That oughtta
keep me amused during my stay here (Yes, I’ll do a mini review of ’em,
but don’t count on it too much). This afternoon I dropped by my grand
uncle and aunt’s place somewhere near the Jurong area before winding
down my weekend with some grocery shopping and laundry. Welcome
back, life on my own! It’s been awhile!

Update (2241 hours): Just
got an email from my Mom that one of our cats, Puffy, has gone to
kitty heaven. He was killed by some stray dogs a couple of nights ago.
I am, somewhat distressed at the moment to say the least. Funny little
cat he was. Rest in peace, little buddy.