Here’s how my day and journey went for today from Orchard Road,
Singapore to Kajang, Selangor:

  • Apartment -> Orchard Road MRT Station (on foot)
  • Orchard Road -> Tampines (via MRT)
  • Worked (8:30am – 6:15pm)
  • Tampines MRT station -> Changi Airport (via MRT)
  • Changi Airport -> Kuala Lumpur International Airport (via flight MH622)
  • KLIA Airport -> KL Sentral (via ERL)
  • KL Sentral -> Kajang Train Station (via KTM Komuter)
  • Kajang Train Station -> Home (on foot)

I’m back at Kajang for the weekend as part of the fortnightly flyback
deal whilst on this project. Gotta do some errands to settle a few
personal stuff over the weekend. It’s gonna be tight too.

You gotta check this out. It totally owns!