On the flight back to KL recently, I had a conversation with a manager
from a leading global chemical and plastics manufacturer. Nice Malay
chap from Kampung Baru and very humble too. Our conversation
touched a couple of things about but one thing he brought me to
realize is that there are indeed many smart and bright people in the
country who happen to be in the forefront of bleeding edge technology.
Unfortunately, there are many more unscrupulous people who happen
to be managers of these people whose concern is making more money
in the shortest time possible and forsaking everything else, even their
principles at times. It’s a shame really.

On another note, here’s a dose of sad reality for the Malay community
which I reckon can be a bitter pill to swallow to some. I just wish they’d
work those grey cells a bit before over-reacting. Wake up, people!

Of late, I’ve noticed Utusan
itself to be stirring racial sentiments and blaming others.
RTM is just as
guilty. That’s what you get when you get a bunch of kiss ass-ers to run
Government owned mass medium. They take it too far to please the

Just bought Lord of The Rings: Fellowship of The Rings Platinum Edition
and Star Wars Episode II: Attack of The Clones
DVDs. I must admit that I haven’t watched the former when it came out
in the theatres. Time to get me keropok and warm drinks and cosy up
in front of the laptop (unfortunately, that’s the only device available to
me to watch DVDs right now).