Malaysia, Truly Bhangra

It’s not always Malaysia gets some free publicity in the form of foreign
artists’ music videos. Mundian To Bach Ke
by Punjabi MC
is riding high on the European charts at the moment, apparently driving
clubgoers crazy with its heavy sampling of Knight Rider’s theme.
Anyway, if you thought Spoonfork’s
funky afro-do courtesy of the Bangladeshi hairstylist at Salon Peng-Stylist Rambut in Pandan Jaya
was overboard, the guys at Kedai Gunting Rambut Stylo
similiarly went over the top with Blonde Travolta’s hair. If you’ve
got decent broadband connection, check out the
music video
(Windows Media Player
required). As for the rest of you guys, you’ll have to make do
with some screen caps and
wait it out till MTV
or Channel [V]
puts it on their playlist, but don’t put too much hope on it ‘cos you
never know if our censors deem it as “culturally insensitive” or “making
a mockery of our brown skinned people” and thus slap a ban on it
altogether. Some people are allergic to jokes, y’know.


  1. isma

    hye! i’m doing a documentary on bhangra. if u have any info on bhangra artists, groups, MC, or anything to do with bhangra, pls let me know. it is highly appreciated. thanks.

  2. Anthony

    You need info on bhangra.. Visit

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