Tiny Tidyings

You may have already noticed some changes on the sidebar of this website by now. Tidied up some of the links you see at the Linkages section to take out some "cobwebbed" sites and add a few more sites of friends that I regularly visit as well as those who have kindly linked my website from theirs (I don't owe you anything anymore right, Lyna? :P). Also added a link to the Gallery page (which has been featured before not too long ago) for your visual pleasure (or not!) and convinience (or not!).


  1. lyna

    gee…did i say that u owe me sumtin’?…ice blended ade la kot kat GJ KLCC :p hmm…

  2. zinnie

    lyna … from now on you are
    choose either Lyna Gloria Jeans or Lyna Hangat .. :-)

  3. dJ phuturecybersonique

    hmmm… howzabout you owe me nasi minyak then? :P aiyah, zin! big mistake calling her lyna hangat lorr! brace yourself for impact… iggg!

  4. lyna

    lyna hangat? LYNA HANGAT u call me?!? LYNA HANGAT?? daayyyymmm! am NOT lyna hangat, get me? am no lyna gloria jeans either, ‘aight? am plain simple L Y N A *fuming* aarrggghh! sides’ the REAL lina hangat is spelled as L I N A not L Y N A. get it?? thanx djpcs for ‘reminding’ this fren of yours ~ *still fuming*

    nasi minyak? memang CONFRIM i owe that one to ya! wait n see.

  5. lyna

    ..wrong spelling tadi : CONFIRM

    nways zin, prepare for a speeding torpedo heading ur way >:

  6. zinnie

    am not a fighter lyna, am a lover.
    you send me torpedo i send you flower … pehhhh :-)

  7. lyna

    anotha hopeless romantic on d loose…sorry, not into ‘romantic’ guys. to me, they suck big time :p peeehhhhhhh.

  8. dJ phuturecybersonique

    hahaa! dey zin! flower jawa takde power lah!

  9. zinnie

    dey lyna … setuju ‘romantic’ guys suck big time. in addition,
    they suck good hahahahaha senjata hikmat ini aku yang punya @%^$&^&*)…

  10. lyna


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