Folksy Females

I’m kinda hooked on folksy female artists and their songs these days like
Sam Shaber
(All Of This),
Alice Peacock
featuring John Mayer), Rachel Lloyd, Bic Runga,
Amiel, Abra Moore.
Mention any more and it’s gonna sound like a Lilith Fair line-up!
The summery breezy feel of their songs is a nice change from the usual
ballistic bass-bin bombardment of N.E.R.D.,
The Chemical Brothers,
Future Sound Of London,
The Prodigy,
The Crystal Method,
Josh Wink, etc.
that I have blasting out of the car stereo. I did try to look for their CDs
at some CD shops around town but as usual, they only stock
*cough*ghey*cough* bands like Natural
or Blue or
something like that at the moment. Not much of their stuff on the P2P
networks so far though. Sigh. Anyway, they’re being featured over on


  1. Bart

    Alice Peacock? Tak de nama family lain ke?

  2. dJ phuturecybersonique

    burung merak mahhh! nothing wrong, what! :P

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