Some Things Get Lost

You said you’d realized in life
That chances pass you by
And what you thought was yours
Slowly fades before your eyes
And part of growing up
Is that you can’t go back in time
You have to live with your regrets
The things you leave behind


  1. Idreamof zinnie

    listening to Bro Matthew Dave and His band – Crash into me – while reading these lines … you’re rite Iwan. Just like to add – in life we are bound to love, hate , etc someone and something. This is like gatorade to my thirst.

  2. binnie

    emo segalanya?
    I never realized life was there
    In rough seas and sunshine
    Never faded though they’re dreams
    In hopes that fade
    From false retreats

  3. semey

    Wouldn’t u think that the words will be a little hopeful if the last two sentences ended like :

    “But do learn from the regrets
    the future’s not far behind”

    why sulk in memories when u can shine in your dreams.

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