Two Big Ones

It’s been two years since I first brought this site up in 2000 and its
maiden posting. Nothing
changed at all even a year later,
so this time around I reckon that it’s about time that I got it moved to
a place with its own domain. Hence, here it is. Perhaps next time, I’ll
get down to changing the look and feel of this website… :P

Welcome to Cybersonique-dot-Org, y’all!


  1. sue

    hepi bday!! :D

  2. Albert Ng

    Hmmm, you think I can push for ASP hosting also? ;)

  3. Bart


  4. semey

    very gud for u, but surfers cant see much difference accept for the URL… what ever happened to ur new layout / skins ??

  5. dJ phuturecybersonique

    too lazy + not in any creative mood to come up with one… one day, one fine day! :P

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