As mentioned earlier, here's the scoop on the recent work I've done to this site:

It's been long overdue actually. Ah Bert has had it since long ago and just recently, Spoonfork has done his site over as well. Out of boredom in the recent abundance of spare time I got on my hands, I decided to just sit down and start working on it again. In the end, this site has become what it is that you see now. From the need to make the site very skinnable (totally table-less HTML code made possible through the magic of CSS), it has enabled me to add on a couple more features from the code rewrite. This site now features an RSS feed (for you people using news readers like RSS Reader, Intravnews (personal favorite), FeedDemon, Mozilla RSS Reader Panel (also another personal favorite) and those insane enough to syndicate the headlines of this site), easily accessible yearly archives (for those who bother to read the ramblings written so far by yours truly through the years) and also less prone to SQL injections (you just gotta when you got friends like Spoonfork to kick your ass around when it comes to these things! :P). With the code rewrite, it is now also possible for me to re-write the underlying code to ASP.NET and even PHP. It's gonna be sometime before those versions will see the light of day though. But heck! It just feels darned good to get this one finally done and I'm just gonna let it sink in before I get off my ass to finish the other two versions (yes, I've started on it already and they will only be ready When It's Done™). Heh!

PS: The About and Contact pages also got updated. Did I mention that the website is very printer friendly too? Comes in handy to immortalize those rather "interesting" comments made by "interesting" visitors onto dead trees. Heheh!