8TV: They’re Different

Even 8TV’s Chief Operating Officer Ahmad Izham Omar
is running a weblog. He oughtta get Gary the IT Guy
to run one too. Nothing like a geek living on the edge sipping
plain water with tabasco sauce for grins.


  1. LcF

    personally i like 8TV very much :)
    btw,the gary blog link is death.

  2. osmy

    did I hear it rite? is 8TV gonna show the “Malaysian Idol?”. Ahmad Izham Omar should get one of those blogs that can comment on. Pity he has no feedbacks on his thoughts!

  3. Chibster

    No kidding!

  4. Bartholomew dari Belgium

    Betul… I had a meeting w him the other day, and yes, he mentioned abt it! I think it’s their attempt to split AFUNDI’s viewers…

  5. tasia

    i wonder how will it differ from AF..

  6. dJ phuturecybersonique

    Didn’t they have something similiar called Popstars (or Pop-something I dunno, but definitely not Pop Kuiz! :P) on NTV7 where our good friend Din (Seme should know him as well) participated? It gave birth to that group By’u who don’t seem to have any other song besides ‘Segalanya’.

  7. Carine

    8TV’s programmes are so wonderful, hope will continuing…
    ‘kam ba teh’…

  8. Arica

    I like 8tv.It’s young & fun! I enjoy watching it & I can learn a lot of things from 8tv programs. I’m a mass com. student, major in broadcasting. Hope 2 join u nextyear / later.

  9. tricia

    M’sian Idol recent results shocked many of those who are exposed to music/arts or has music as part of our lives.
    Majority who voted may not be music inclined at all for we know out of being friends/fans of the participants they garned votes and with 3rd class mentality where the “cool looks no voice” takes the stage. I believe in order to have some std\class not to make M’sian a laughing stock,as compared to the Australian/Americians who are many years ahead of us in music exposure, we might have to consider the views of the judges n the balance base on votes. Not surprise we may end up to have a cool junkie like Vick or a pretty face Saiful or angelic Andrew without talent to represent M’sia instead of Nikki/Dina/Jac.

  10. 8 TV Fan

    Ahmad Izham Omar n the team,
    u are a unique,talented n think out the box people. My family especially my children loves your channnel. Thank god that M’sian has this pool of talented group that makes M’sian proud. Keep up the good work n spirit !!

  11. faezan

    its not afair result……

  12. huaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    huaaaaaaaaa tak best lansung

  13. Rizal

    hello…people at 8TV,if u guys looking for Broadcast journalist, fill me in coz i KNOW HOW TO MAKE UR TWENTY HUNDREDS news script better than the existing one.

  14. GIGI

    i wasso happy that you play the meteor garden 2 since i had no chance too see the film until now….
    if you all didnt mind, i hope you can play the meteor garden one too..

  15. poi see

    i would like to ask a question, about the program “xia wa ji shi ben-夏娃记事本”. During 2 months ago,maybe in August or sept,i watch this program, the program recommend a product,facial-for sensitive skin,and i remember it made from Malaysia,that day got call in contest which got 5 winner could win the product,but i forgot the brand,i just remember the brand is stand by 2 capital letter.with these limited information,can 8tv tell me what is the brand n where i can buy it. thanks a lot,i really wish can get the answer.

  16. dhiya

    best siot.. okl
    a best 8tv ni. cite dia bgs2 punye. tp bila nak wat cite gilmore girl balik.watla blk new season tau. okla keep up d good work. love u……

  17. sakura clamp

    Hello,I have one suggestion to 8tv,I would like to say that i hope 8tv tune back one Taiwanese’s drama,My MVP Valentine.I hope so

  18. silence breaker

    err.. helo? anyone?

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