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Moving out from the house
(and room) that I have spent
most of my life growing up in wasn’t so much of a big deal
really. After all, I’ve done that couple of times before when I
went to boarding school, preparatory college and then university.
Even a couple of years back, I got sent to Thailand and Singapore
for long stints on work related assignments when I was with my
former company. But in all those times, it’s never really been
totally on my own as there’s always a group of people that I’m
living with. This time however, it’s different as I could pretty
much go about my daily personal life at my own pace. It’s not to
say that I never had the freedom to do so when I’m staying with
other people but I guess I’ve been brought up to respect a common
set of rules when living under the same roof as other people.
Still, as much as I like this new degree of freedom, it’s no fun
when you come back to an empty home at the end of the day. That’s
different from what I had last time too.


  1. Bartholomew

    Enjoy it while you still can dude. It’s fun… and am speaking from my own experience. :-)

  2. Nong Ali


  3. Anonymous

    Go get married lah dude…

  4. lyna

    yeah, enjoy it while u can. nanti bile dah kawin, lain cerrritaaaaaa….

  5. LeiF

    pria? wah hehe. cute. im pria too. *wink*

  6. tasia

    hehe pria kesepian nihh

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