The Reality Of Reality Entertainment Shows

There’s an onslaught of reality entertainment shows going on
over our local terrestial and satellite television stations at
the moment. More than any other country would have ever had at
any one time, I think. But despite what they claim about these
shows being “real” talent competitions, the reality is that
these shows are more of an approval rating or popularity
contest than anything else. I doubt the public as a group is
capable of assessing talent objectively like those who have
been involved in the industry for years, or decades for that
matter. Hence, any unearthing of talents would have actually
taken place way before any of the so-called “real” stage of
the competition begins, i.e. during the audition stage. After
that, week after week it’s all about which contestant has more
appeal (and not necessarily by means of talent) to the masses
out there to garner enough votes to keep them alive in the
competition. But that’s just exactly how the entertainment
business works, isn’t it? Talent alone is not enough (or in
William Hung‘s
case, even necessary!) to guarantee a place in the industry.
It has happened before on American Idol,
it is happening right now in Akademi Fantasia
and we can pretty much be assured that it’s going to be the
same on case on Malaysian Idol
as well. Irregardless, I reckon it’s currently THE way for the
music industry to generate money once again, especially in the
face of piracy and all. If you’re in the music industry,
wouldn’t you want to make money without even having to cut an
album out upfront and risk bad album sales, piracy and all?

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  1. nurul

    Akademi fantasia 2 memang best terutamanye farah ,zahid,adam n nurul

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