How To (Accidentally) Shrink Your Waistline

I’ve been skipping dinners a couple of times the past week. But
for a moment this morning, I thought those dinner skips had
shrunk me into aneroxic proportions overnight. Pulling on the
khaki pants towards the waist, I was confounded to see several
inches of waistline that’s yet to be filled in, only to realize
that those pants were my Dad’s which I mistakenly grabbed out of
the laundry (they look the same) when I went back home to Kajang
over the weekend. Anyways, two possible implications here: 1. My
Dad’s wardrobe is becoming more “youthful” by the day (especially
since he turned a year older
a couple of days back). Or 2. I’m becoming like my Dad in terms of
choice of clothes. Either way, I reckon it’s still better than
wearing something that can get you being
mistaken for a waiter at a warong.


  1. idreamofzinnie


  2. semey

    funny how those kind of accidents never happened to me :( Accidently increase my waist line ader ler… :P

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