Good Old Friends Through The Years In One Night

I’m sure the adage “Make new friends, Don’t forget the old; One is silver, The other is gold” is familiar to you. That’s the case with these bunch of friends I have since primary school. Eany, a friend who now lives on the other side of the planet, is in town over the weekend. She’s in the country these couple of weeks to pay her folks and relatives a visit. Her husband Thane couldn’t make it this time around though. The last time they were here was for the dinner reception last year. As usual, whenever she’s in town, the old gang will hold a get-together of some sort. It’s amazing that after all these years since we left school and taken on our own paths, we’re still able to hold it together. But it’s kinda funny that it actually takes a visit from someone from thousands of miles away to put all of us together in the same room when we’re actually residing in the same country and vicinity for that matter! Eany, Alvin, Juanita, Grace, Geok Shin, Eany, Dipen (with fiancee Sharon), and myself had a good trip down the memory lane over dinner last Saturday. There was also a fair share of catching up with all the water that’s been running under the bridge all this while with everyone. Some things never quite change though, like the friendly banters between Dipen and Grace (this was them in 2002 and this was them couple of nights ago. If only there were those from our schooling years that I can show… :P) Some things move on for the better. The Dipster himself will be tying the knot soon, Alvin recently made it as Cleo’s Most Eligible Bachelor 2004 himself! Heh! Who would’ve thought back when we’re still wet behind the ears in primary school that we’d all be where we’re at right now, eh?

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  1. Alvin

    Well..actually, I was the CLEO Most Evolutionary Bachelor 2004, a subsidiary prize-winner of the Bachelor of the Year contest. The winner was Roshan Nijar, Bachelor No. 49. hehe…

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