Building My Own PC For Under RM3,000 (USD790)

I’ve been holding off on building my new PC for months now but
with the arrival of the AGP version of the NVIDIA GeForce
6600GT graphics card on our shores, it has completed the list
of parts I needed to build that sub RM3,000 PC. So off I went
to everybody’s favorite pirates’ haven PC
shopping mall to get the following:

Like a kid being given a Lego
set, I sported the face of a happy boy in that hour and a half
I spent to assemble the PC when I got home. It must have been
a good day too as I did not lose any screws like I usually do.
Bliss was when it fired up without problems (i.e. did not cause
any major blackouts)
the moment I hit the ‘On’ button for the first time. I took my
time installing the OS and other stuff the rest of the evening.

Granted, it’s not really bleeding edge as far as the specs
are concerned (notice that I did not
accidentally ejaculate like I did when I got the iPod
this time around). It also won’t give anyone bragging rights
amongst the fanboys. Still, I reckon it’s quite a good platform
to start with. It runs the Doom 3, Farcry and Half Life 2
game demos at good framerates and other applications like
Office, Cubase, Firefox, etc. fast and zippy. It’s hopefully
future-proof enough for the next 5 years or so (especially if
64 bit desktop computing
were to take off bigtime) with enough headroom left for
upgrades. The last PC I built was back in 2000 and is still
running good but I left it at my parents home now so that Mom
can use it to browse the web (i.e. get those cheap AirAsia
tickets fast), email and IM with some friends and do that
occasional MIDI-ing.

Yes, it’s disturbing how geeky traits can run upwards from
child to parent in my family tree.


  1. Silencers

    Why combo drive? You could’ve just bought a DVD burner instead :p I thought combo drives are popular for their unreliability.

  2. dJ phuturecybersonique

    “sub RM3,000” being the operative keywords. maybe i could’ve gotten the dvd burner within the budget, but then i’m not so much of a haggler. there’s always a next time to get that but for now, that’ll do. ;)

  3. Albert Ng

    Teehee! I wrote 1011101000100100001111010100010001 and circled the last 1, writing, “WHEN?” on the Intel New Year’s Party autograph poster.

  4. Bartholomew

    Damn it! Why the 64? Why! Why!!!

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