A Realization In Ramadhan

Just when I thought that I have all the problems in the world and
resent everything for lacking some things in life, being in the
company of a very special crowd last night made me realize that I
have so much more to be thankful for at this point in time.

And if there’s another thing that I can take away from last
night, it’s never make a U-turn (or as Audi/Batdude eloquently
puts it as a lowercase N-turn)
even when the journey seems dark and endless. You never know what
kind of light is at the end of it.


  1. Nina

    But we definitely have to make a U-turn/n-turn if someone says “I think we should make a u-turn and this is so freaky..” Ha-ha-ha-ha

  2. Anne

    birubayi thong garden pureiboi..!! aishiteruuu-turn shitekichatta redzuan-san… LOL

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