Never Argue With An Army Of Simians With Keyboards

I got plenty to say about a certain subject matter but I don’t think I have the bandwidth (time and effort wise) to be able to withstand the backlash, wrath and aftermath that will ensue (I can only take as much as I can give, at the most). No matter how rational your argument is or going to be, in the eyes of those who have been drinking the Kool Aid, the subject matter can’t do any wrong, can’t be wrong and can’t be wronged. RFC 2795 and the 100 monkeys can’t be wrong theory very much apply.

It’s a major road wreck indeed. And the typical Malaysian in me just can’t help stopping by to have a look each time.

Now, with that bit off my chest, allow me to return to my usual monkey business.


  1. Nina

    People say, “Never Argue With Stupid/Idiot, They’ll Drag You To Their Level..” But if “Never Underestimate The Power Of Stupid People In Large Groups” does really count, so how??

  2. waterfish

    You should argue more! If anyone could stop all the absurdity, it would be a person like you. Other M’sians can bark all they want, what they got at the end is the reminder that there is this other place called “tongsan”.

  3. Lizzam

    Don’t say stupid lah, stupid. Lets argue….hehe

    Kebahagiaan bukan kebahagiaan tanpa kambing bermain biola? mana dalam neraka telah kau dapat gambar itu?

  4. dJ phuturecybersonique

    lizzam: it’s quoted/subtitled right out of notting hill. anna scott (played by julia roberts) did say “happiness isn’t happiness without a violin-playing goat”. check out the list of memorable quotes from notting hill.

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