Insomnia Insanity

Some people are keen to make sleep a thing of the past.
Don’t they know that complex decisions are best left to your unconscious mind to work out?
Think about it. If you’re one of those “decision makers” of an
organization, you have a perfectly good excuse to be sleeping on the
job now (as if you already aren’t).

While we’re still on the subject of sleep, I wish they have
something to fix my ever erratic sleeping pattern. I’ve been
getting by with only 2-3 hours of sleep on the average for the
past 10 years already. It’s not as bad as the dude who
hasn’t been sleeping for 30 years.
At least, not just yet. But at the rate I’m going, he might have
a competitor in due time.

Now, please excuse me while I go do my laundry.

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  1. Nina

    If you happen to know where I can get the said drug from the legal market, (black market also can.. :-p), do tell me. I’m surely and positively need those right now!! hahahah

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