I like to think that we have more control in life than we think
and that every action has a reaction. Of course, despite our
best efforts, things may still not always work out the way we’d
hoped. Still, with so much of life left up to chance, we just
can’t help but to look back and wonder sometimes, what if things
had been different? More often than not, it’s the
what ifs
that can hurt the most when you start reflecting on things.
That’s why try to do as much as you can while you can. Don’t
make yourself ponder in 20-30 years’ time and say, “why the
hell didn’t I do that last time?” Take chances. Take risks.
Things may or may not work out exactly the way you expect it to
be. Fate can be on your side sometimes, and there are times
you’ll be sealing your own fate. If you’re a Muslim, I’m sure
you know that one must Believe in Divine Destiny along with the
others in the Six Articles of Belief.
In the end, you just have to trust that whatever’s supposed to
happen will happen. Good or bad. Better or worse. But don’t let
that stop you from trying and most importantly, LEARNING from
the experience. As Henry Wadsworth Longfellow puts it, “Look
not mournfully into the past. It comes not back again. Wisely
improve the present. It is thine. Go forth to meet the shadowy
future, without fear.”