It confounds me to find people shopping at Ikea like they shop
for groceries at the supermarket. And it’s not them buying
couches, desks, shelves or any other big items (i.e. stuff that
requires you to use the furniture trolley or a forklift for that
matter) either. Seriously, folks. If you want to shop for items
such as chopping boards, clothes hangers, AA batteries, etc.
you’d really be better off at either Carrefour, Giant or Tesco.
Not only they’re cheaper, you can pronounce their names properly
too. There are some of us who would really like to get in and out
of Ikea without having to do a stakeout at the carpark stalking
people going back to their cars and then having to wait for your
credit card to clear for that RM31.80 purchase that you’re making,


  1. mamasan

    Tsk tsk. You don’t understand, DJ. The
    shopping experience is a beautiful thing. Yes, I
    know, purposeless wandering and unnecessary
    traffic-building is irritating. Just avoid the stress
    and go in first thing monday morning. C

  2. zin

    I love Ikea

  3. Anonymous

    If you want to shop for items such as chopping boards, clothes hangers.. –> I’m one of them.. and.. I can practise my Swedish.. Ja.. Ja.. Välkommen.. Ja…

  4. Nina

    eh… above is mine.. ja.. ja..

    muahahahahahahahahaha !

  5. dJ phuturecybersonique

    mamasan: i was hoping ikea would have a couple of express checkout counters actually. but then again, it may not be “ergonomic” in their sense. it would be cool to have a drive thru counter though. imagine: customer: “i’d like a flarke table and a couple of those kubbo lamps, please?” attendant: “very good, sir. we’re also having some specials on our swedish meatballs. would you like those to go with your order?” customer: “sweet!”

  6. dJ phuturecybersonique

    nina: gee. i got an ikeaholic “ja ja binks” in my circle of friends now! i don’t know if i should be excited or otherwise. i think i need to be out there more. :P

  7. mamasan

    Apparently they have drive through
    supermarkets in Japan. Get your pampers and
    noodles all at the same time without ever
    leaving your car. No fun at all!

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