Today, I came one step closer to being a
Type 2 Chinese
when I became part of my colleague’s “hing tai” (brothers)
at his wedding. I also got a firsthand experience of Fear
Factor – Chinese Wedding style, thanks to the antics of the
bride’s “chi mui” (sisters) when we were trying to get through
to the bride. My tastebuds got all funny after consuming a
freakingly hot bun laced with wasabi-like sambal and washing it
down with a glass of bitter herbal drink typically found at
those sinseh shops. Needless to say, for a couple of hours
today, I developed a newfound appreciation for the programs on
Astro Wah Lai Toi. That all got neutralized however, when our
table was graciously served with briyani during the reception
dinner instead of the standard issue 8 course meal for fear that
the 5 of us Malays may accidentally ingest non-halal food. If
anything else, this whole experience has has made me ready for
that long term relationship with a member of the opposite sex
that is not from the same bloodline. Kinda handy too with the
new year looming already.

Now, if only I’d take care about the lighting in my house
that is currently 100% generated by fluorescent lights (I
exceed certain specifications of a Type 2 Chinese even).
Perhaps that may be the affliction that’s preventing me from
scoring a breakthrough. Let me confirm that with
Lilian Too.