The Most Dangerous Malaysian Newspaper

If Dick Cheney is regarded as the most dangerous United States Vice President ever, I would like to regard Utusan Malaysia (UMNO's mouthpiece) in its current form as the most dangerous widely circulated daily that our country has ever had. Not once, not twice, but on too many occasions already has it been the accuser, judge, jury and executioner on several critical issues, supposedly on the pretext of championing Malay rights. Seditious as they downright are, yet, they can get away with it with hardly a slap on the wrist, unlike other publications.

Seriously Utusan/UMNO, you're not doing us Malays any favors with your antics (or to put it bluntly, you're just making more enemies for the Malays). When other people can already stand and walk on their feet while you're telling us Malays how we should be grateful and content that we can sit comfortably on our laurels, pulling other people down and making them sit just because you can't and don't want to learn to stand yourself is not going to earn you any fans, let alone the respect you seemingly like to command from others.

I'm glad that's off my chest. If anybody feels like flaming me for this post, by all means, do. I'd like to see how my flame retardant suit holds up too.


  1. jaywalker_82

    There’s no "I Like" or "Thank You" button here to click, so I posted this message.

  2. pyerudz

    mereka masih berusaha kekal relevan walaupun sudah tidak relevan.

  3. lina

    yeah baca utusan malaysia mmg blh merendahkan IQ. Baca Harian Metro lagi best walaupun it’s an obvious tabloid paper.

  4. queen

    Agreed! I like this!

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