Month: August 2001

Aaliyah Dana Haughton 1979 – 2001

I’ve been meaning to write this earlier but I suppose I was still kinda
shocked then. It was disconcerting to say the least about how one’s
life can be cut short by such a tragic event. I wasn’t really a fan
enough to actually go out and buy her CDs or such but I think she’s
made quite an impression in the entertainment business that people
are paying attention to what’s she’s doing and she certainly earns my
respect for that, especially since she’s still very young. She may often
sport that image that’s got street-cred written all over it, music that’s
very urban and such but I’ll always think of her for that beautiful song
“Journey To The Past” that was featured in the animated feature film,
Anastasia. Rest in peace.

Welcome To Da Phuture!

Hi! Welcome to the spanking new site of yours truly! Well, to say it’s a totally brand new site would be an overstatement really ‘cos most of the things here still have that same old look and feel as my previous website. That’s just me, I suppose. Not too much work in the looks department. ;)

The guts of the website is brand new though. So new that it was written from ground up in yours truly’s quest to learn ASP. All this while, I only know enough to troubleshoot things when they go bunk, but now, I actually had to do some programming to get this whole site up. And I can say that I learnt quite a bit as well! Anyhow, so long as this website
works to get my points across, it’s all that matters at the end of the day! Heh! Enjoy what I have to offer within these webpages!

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