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Weekend Getaway a.k.a. Cuti-cuti Microsoft

Okay. So I did get my weekend break somewhat, even though it was courtesy of Microsoft. We were whisked away to Avillion Village Resort in Port Dickson for a weekend summit. The tech & sales pitches were something you can't really get away from, but other than that, there were just good food and the really, really soothing ambience of being at a beach resort (see pictures). The water chalets we stayed in were really sweet. Nothing like sleeping to the sounds of waves crashing right underneath the chalets and late night code hacking (So it was kinda like a working weekend henceforth I was obliged to bring my laptop with me. Besides, I'm a geek :P) with no interruptions nor distractions. Potential honeymooners do take note of the four poster bed and the window day-bed that overlooks the sea (I'll leave it to your ever creative and imaginative minds to figure out things you can and oughtta do!) And before you know it, it was already Sunday afternoon and we had to head back to KL. Back to life, back to reality. Sigh.

Chilling to: Floetry – Say Yes

Microsoft Summit 2003

Avillion Village Resort, Port Dickson
September 26-28, 2003

Campus Crypto Geek Humor

Lina had this geek moment going on in one of her classes recently.
(Warning: Geek humor ahead!)

We were in the Network Security
class and the subject of the lecture was cryptography when the
professor caught one of his students reading the newspaper.

“Excuse me sir, but if you want to read The Exponent
then I will have to ask you to leave the class.”

In full confidence the student answered, “I’m sorry sir, but I was
looking at the ‘cryptography’ section and I thought this applies to what
we are learning today,” (Note: The cryptography section is part of the
puzzles section in the newspaper along with the crosswords – both a hit
with the students during mundane lectures).

The rest of the class started to snicker at his remarks when the
professor smilingly continued, “And what kind of cryptography would
that be?”

With a smug the student replied, “That would be
stream cipher cryptography,

Acknowledging the student’s wit, “That’s right. You have a quick mind,
young man!”.

He let the student stay on till the end of the class.

Quick witted smart ass geek indeed!

My Geek Horoscope Readings

This is what the Career Horoscopes For Geeks
had to say about Gemini geeks:

A shake-up in human resources may be in the works. An
irrational fear of losing the status quo could cause you to overreact and
burn a bridge. Don’t do it — you’ll only end up hurting yourself. Try to
be patient and not take change personally, especially if things don’t go
the way you want at the beginning of the month. Your problem-solving
and extraordinary organzational skills are about to pay off in a big way
monetarily. Focus on a creative solution for working around a
long-standing bottleneck and seek out a mentor who knows how to
implement your brilliant plan. Higher-ups will notice and everyone will

And this is what The Geek Horoscope
had to say of Geminis:

Emphasis is on romance this weekend until an Internet
outage brings your world crashing down. Be happy in your memories,
any attempts to track down Pseudogirl_145 can only end in disaster.

Great. Better off monetarily, yet still end up miserable. :(

Numbly Dumb

Gotta stop doing things that I gotta do ‘cos I hafta and do more things
that I gotta do ‘cos I wanna. I’m doing less and less of the latter ‘cos
there’s been more and more of the former. I gotta be wary of the next
smartass who’s giving out mauve pills instead of red and blue ones.

I become so dumb, all I do is stare
At that empty wall, at that empty chair
I am tired and pissed, all I wanna do
Is have time to chill and not smell like poo.

With apologies to Linkin Park.

Papaya Farming

Got to know about this from Felicia’s website.
Now I know what my Chinese friends mean when they say “papaya farm”.

Ladies oughtta perhaps find out the brand. I mean, why not? If it can
take THAT kinda load, it should be able to take on the load of less
heavy droopy swingers, right?

Worn From The Grinding

Over the past few years, I’ve been putting in 10-14 hour workdays
almost everyday with some weekends off. I don’t know what winds my
clock but I do it anyways, day in and day out non-stop without question.
While it hasn’t given me extreme wealth that I don’t have to think twice
when it comes to getting stuff, it does take care of the obligatory bills
with some to spare for savings and some on the occasional personal
indulgences. But just like the tyres of a car, it gets worn with use. The
longer the distance you cover or the faster you drive the car or both,
the sooner the tyres get worn out. When it does wear out, it loses its
ability to function properly or worse, shit happens. Unlike the tyres of a
car though, the body isn’t something that you can replace when it gets
worn out. The only thing one can do is to nurse it and make it
usable again. I haven’t had any extended time off from the daily
grind since 1999 and I think it’s high time that I do just that before I
crash and burn. If only other people would let me though. I know that
I shouldn’t let other people dictate my personal time but I doubt I’d
be able to keep my mind off matters at hand when I’m taking those
time offs. Having a conscience can be a curse sometimes.

When Will Then Be Now?

Dark Helmet: What the hell am I looking at?! When did this happen in the movie?!
Captain: Now. You’re looking at now sir. Everything that’s happens now, is happening now.
Dark Helmet: What happened to then?
Captain: We passed that.
Dark Helmet: When?
Captain: Just now. We’re at now now.
Dark Helmet: Go back to then!
Captain: When?
Dark Helmet: Now!
Captain: Now?
Dark Helmet: Now!
Captain: I can’t.
Dark Helmet: Why?
Caption: We missed it.
Dark Helmet: When?!
Captain: Just now!
Dark Helmet: When will then be now?
Captain: Soon!

Listen to the soundclip for best effect. Taken off the movie Spaceballs.

Spaceballs – When Will Then Be Now?

Tak Makan Apa Lagi (Hey! Makan!) – The MP3 Single

After 7 years sitting dormant on my hard disk, I have now decided to unleash the aural assault that is the Tak Makan Apa Lagi (Hey! Makan!) MP3 single. The song was done in a bout of spontaneity in the summer of 1996 at the 217-10, Sheetz St. apartment in West Lafayette, IN. Obviously, the “artistes” involved were running on empty tummies. ;)

Some production notes: Song produced by yours truly; Impromptu lyrics courtesy of Ti, Bart, Nino, and Jahang; Single cover photo featuring Md. Zin; Song contains samples from How Gee (as performed by Black Machine) and Anti-Lanun (from KRU’s Ooh! La! La! album). Listen at your own risk. I’m not responsible for any bleeding eardrums, constipation, receding hairlines, or loss of sanity as a result of listening to it.

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