Papaya Farming

Got to know about this from Felicia’s website.
Now I know what my Chinese friends mean when they say “papaya farm”.

Ladies oughtta perhaps find out the brand. I mean, why not? If it can
take THAT kinda load, it should be able to take on the load of less
heavy droopy swingers, right?


  1. idreamofzinnie

    eeeeeeee this is so djphuturecyberhornique.

  2. lyna

    oit! female discrimination! u actually samekan ‘it’ with a papaya?!?! ur so, so….MEAN. :p

  3. lyna

    …so djphuturecybersonique too. hmmph :p

  4. Bartholomew

    I suggest you have pixs of banana on your site! Hahaha!

  5. dJ phuturecybersonique

    ehhh lyna! where got laa! i have utmost respect for them droopy swingers. they can never compare to papayas. still, i dont think i’ll ever look at papayas the same way again after this. and bart, you’re suggesting lyna or me to have them pictures of bananas la? and then what? put them in “funai” pasar malam underwear? hehehe…

  6. Bartholomew - Lyna's Admirer

    Lyna la… since she started this gender degrading remarks… Am suggesting for her to place bananas pix as she sounded like she wanted to take a revenge…. and Lyna, why ‘it’? Hehehe…

  7. idreamofzinnie

    ooooo curi betik papa ya … pandainya.

  8. dJ phuturecybersonique

    bukan… curi baju dalam victoria secret emak buat sarung betik…

  9. Bartholomew

    Papa ada betik ke?

  10. lyna

    aiyooo…i did not start this gender degrading remarks lah…djpcs did!!! he’s even got a post on it! tanye lah die :p and no, i will not put a pic of a banana in my site. kalau letak pun, juz for deco :p redz u put lah. hehehe…

  11. lyna

    and what for lah i take revenge2 oneeee…cheh.

  12. dJ phuturecybersonique

    eyyy! it wasnt me who started it either. the picture came from felicia lah! minah lagi! i’m merely the bearer of weird news… :P

  13. dJ phuturecybersonique

    you gonna put pictures of banana for deco, eh? dont forget the rambutans too! bwahahahahahahaaa!

  14. lyna

    hmm…with rambutans? cool idea :) duku langsat can ah? nyeahahaha.

  15. dJ phuturecybersonique

    perhaps this particular one designed specifically for Anna Kournikova might do the trick! Bwaaahahahahaaa!

  16. idreamofzinnie

    Oh My Anna, what have you done to Green Gable…

  17. lyna


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