Got Toast?

I decided to do a bit of rummaging through one of my overstuffed gerobok cabinet in my apartment when lo and behold, I found me an unopened brand new toaster! For the love of God, I have no idea when I made that purchase nor was it someone's gift to me but I have never been more excited about a piece of electrical appliance ever since I got my fridge a few years ago! With this, I can now have my bread slices toasted or even have waffles for breakfast. Of course, because I'm such a lazy ass, I'll probably be eating them over the kitchen sink to avoid having to clean the mess that those toasted crumbs can make all over the place.

Toaster. Never stick a fork in it or shower with one that's plugged in.


  1. jaywalker_82

    Ar, you eat breakfast? That’s something new :D

  2. pyerudz

    masih berfungsi ke menatang tu?
    dah check karat?

  3. Arief

    Bila aku nak makan nasi minyak nie?? Adios…Wassalamz..

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