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‘Cos The Stars Say So

I don't believe in horoscope readings but they can be curiously dead on at times. Like the following that's taken off for Geminis today:

Venturing into something completely new and different may be just what you need, dear Gemini. You have a very solid practical side to your personality, however, the need for excitement and adventure is likely to be just as strong. If you've been putting your nose to the grindstone a lot in the recent past, take some time off for some fun. Visit a friend or better yet, drive out to a place you haven't been to before and explore.

That "nose to the grindstone" bit is smack on target and I've been putting off plans for a vacation ever since due to unavoidable obligations (read: something I can't weasel my way out of). So, anyone out there tried justifying time off from work using horoscope readings before?

A Mommy In The Making

Late out of the gate again, but this time it’s through my own
procrastination. If you’ve been wondering why
has been keeping it low these days it’s because she hasn’t been
well – for a good reason though. ‘Cos sometime in September,
Lyna’s gonna be a mommy and Hafiz’s gonna be a daddy! Hope you’re
holding up well with the morning sickness and other discomforts
at this stage. You still wanna live up to that Lyna Voguemomma
tag, right? ;) Besides, I’m sure some of us have been missing
some of your perky quirky comments that littered last year’s entries
(just look for those with the most number of comments)! Go wish
her well, folks!

I’m making today Screencap Friday. Phuturecam
will be screencapturing stuff all day long today at every 10
minute intervals. Cable crap goodness, I tell you. The kind of
stuff you fork RM90 every month for.

Grey Thursday

I’m most definitely late out of the gate to do a
Grey Tuesday
thingy that they were doing last Tuesday (well, duh!) to protest
EMI’s attempt for a cease and desist on the distribution of
DJ Dangermouse‘s
work (his wicked collabo of sounds from The Beatles’
The White Album with Jay-Z’s acapella from
The Black Album) from being distributed all around. So
I’m making it up with my own Grey Thursday by having
The Grey Album streamed off CybersoniqueFM
(Windows Media stream). Today only. I’ll be on the mic later
tonight if I see people listening in, croaking my way till
Froggy Friday.

Chickening Out On Chances

When things are going on well, would you chance it (50/50) in
favor of something better? In the past, I’d yell “Geronimo!” to
just about anything and go for it, even when the odds are low
or stacked up against me. It made things exciting. Nowadays,
I’m inclined to think that I’ve become more and more reluctant
to play my cards even when the chances are good, only to have
my conscience beating the crap out of my head (like how the
intro in one of Orbital’s song goes: “it’s better to regret
something you have done than to regret something you haven’t
done.”) later for letting it slip by. It’s not that I have
anything to lose anyways. Sure, I’ve had my share of bruises
from the leaps but it wasn’t anything that crippled me. The
lack of anything exciting in the past few months has really
taken the wind out of me. I need my adrenaline fix and this
darned dysfunctional defense mechanism of mine isn’t helping.

Lousy Lullaby

If I seem a little scatttered there’s an empty place
Where something used to beat
Definitely shattered like some stupid piece of china
How pathetic of me
Here’s a lousy lullaby
I practice every day so I can keep you memorized
I’m your heartless valentine
May God forgive me
I wish you’d melted in some other sucker’s lousy lullaby

Marry Me Jane – Lousy Lullaby

Cinta Hasil Dalam Negeri

The mailman dropped an early Valentine greeting for me. It is
none other than from the “beloved” Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri,
sweet talking me to “declare my love”. Suckered
Seduced by the whisperings of sweet nothings into my ear, being
the faithful one, I’ll meticulously declare everything in
earnest honesty, only to find out a few months down the road
that I’m gonna get screwed. Arguments will ensue claiming that
“the love” ain’t enough despite my being open and not hiding
anything from them. Threats of losing my home and other
belongings might follow, escalating it to a point like a
divorcee asking for alimony. A potential storyline right out of
those low-grade love movies and cheap drama swastas, no?

Playing in the background: Amiel – Lovesong

Why Your Movable Type Blog Must Die

From Kuro5hin:

You are all pretentious twats. You make up
irritating jargon for the sake of it. All of your blogs talk
about the same crap. Movable Type is badly designed. Movable
Type’s bad design makes it easier to DoS you. You are fucking
stupid. You are all sheep. Your blog is fucking up Google.

Please direct all torches, flamethrowers, weapons of mass
destruction, etc. here.
I’m merely the messenger boy!

Superbowl 2004 Pigskin And Humanskin

The New England Patriots won 32-29 over the Carolina Panthers
at the 38th Superbowl championship which saw some interesting
especially in the second and fourth quarter of the game
culminating to an exciting cliffhanging end as Adam Vinatieri
kicked a 41 yard field goal in the final seconds. The halftime
featured some skinnage of the other kind when Justin Timberlake
(accidentally… or not) ripped Janet Jackson’s clothes off which
bared her boobs
and a streaker
which made it to the field just before the 2nd half kick-off.

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