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As of last weekend, I’ve been staying at my apartment in Sunway
already. The journey to work now is less stressful than it was
when I was staying in Kajang (an hour plus or two on the road to
travel 50km coming to work and then back again, not to mention
contributing to Uncle Samy’s hair transplant funds through the
chetti houses on the highways for the past year and a half). I
still make it back to Kajang for weekends though, especially
since I don’t have a washing machine at my place yet. Heh!
There’s still the fridge, microwave, and a whole lotta other
kitchen stuff to be taken care of…

Quick props to two of my ex-Uni friends.
Fazillah, whom I
caught up with over lunch at the Monash University/Sunway College
Career Fair today and Nong,
another ex-Boilermaker who also has a weblog going on. Nice to
hear from the both of you!

Suria & Hadi’s Wedding Reception

Close family friend of ours Uncle David and Aunty Zam held a wedding reception for Sue & Hadi who got married at Purdue last year. An interesting and lively family affair indeed. Some of my juniors at Purdue (that I got to know thus far) like Aida, Hawa, Salleh, Haniff and Nadia were also present. Pictures from the event can be found here.

This is the first of the few weddings that’s gonna be going on over the next couple of weekends. Next up, Penang and Fawzana’s

Suria & Hadi’s Wedding Reception

Sunday, April 25, 2004

Amazing Things Come In Small Packages

If you think PC games these days would come on nothing less than
a CDROM (heck, even those game demos weigh around 100 megs
already), check out .kkrieger,
a Doom 3 like game that is only 96kb (that’s
kilobytes or 0.096 0.093 megabytes, folks). You
can fit about 15 of those on a floppy disk). It’s written totally
in Visual C++ and x86 Assembler. Requires DirectX 9.0 and a rather
high end graphics card with pixelshaders (e.g. GeForce4 Ti or ATI
Radeon 9600) to run.

Dumb Double Standards

Datuk Zainuddin Maidin was quoted saying that P. Ramlee’s classic Madu Tiga song is exempted from being banned over RTM’s airwaves as the phrase “I love you” was used with proper context and meaning. I suppose they didn’t bat an eyelid on the overall message of the song (although in comedic jest) that is to cheat on one’s wife/wives to practice polygamy (“Mesti pandai membohong / Mesti pandai temberang / Tetapi jangan sampai / Hai pecah tembelang”). Impressionable minds should not be encouraged with such negative elements, right? Oh wait, I forgot. Some of them are doing exactly that anyways (“membohong”, “temberang”, etc. until the ACA “pecah tembelang” on top of practicing polygamy without their wives’ knowledge or consent — and it’s no comedic jest either) so it’s alright, I guess.

Listening to: Ismail Haron & Anita Sarawak – Joget Pak Mat Kahwin Lagi (MP3). Supposedly banned due to the word “steady” being used in the song.

Today’s Ebonics Language Lesson

“I used to be a stuck up white boy, fakin’ the funk. Bump that! I
ain’t bullshittin’ on front street no more, thanks to the Wake Up
Crew’s Ebonics Language Lesson.”

English: My you’re a lovely young lady.
Ebonics: Damn! You’s a fine motherf***er!

English: Let’s go for a ride, shall we?
Ebonics: Hey baby! Jump in my lowrider and let’s rotate these

English: I admire your fashionable running shoes.
Ebonics: Drop them Nikes off yo’ ass ‘fore I blast you,

Life’s Parallelism To The Idiot Box

“Any characters that bears any resemblences to a real person,
living or dead, are purely coincidental and unintentional”.
Typical disclaimers that they put at the end of some TV shows.
While I do understand that they put it for legality’s sake, I
don’t subscribe to that idea when taken verbatim. Those
scriptwriters must have drawn ideas to write those scripts from
somewhere to begin with ‘cos the scenarios are too real in the
first place. Either that or my life is taking on whatever’s
showing on the telly. On the other hand, I could probably be in
some kind of thingy like in that The Truman Show.
I can imagine the viewers being bored to tears if they’ve been
following my life of late. God forbid they have re-runs of it

Changing Faces

I say faces are changing, faces are gathering
The good times brought people to my door
I need an outstretched open hand with a little understanding
To pick me up and dust me from this floor
People from the good times that was easy
But people from the bad times I thank you.

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