Month: October 2005

Pre-Emptive Greetings

I guess after today, all 3 or 4 of you who read this weblog will
be gone to your respective hometowns for the festive week ahead.
So I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all my Hindu friends
Deepavali Valthukel and my Muslim friends Eid Mubarak.
I would also like to ask for forgiveness should any of the words I
have uttered here or in person have caused any grief and/or brain
damage. Some of it were intentional actually.

Have a good and safe celebration ahead, y’all!

A Realization In Ramadhan

Just when I thought that I have all the problems in the world and
resent everything for lacking some things in life, being in the
company of a very special crowd last night made me realize that I
have so much more to be thankful for at this point in time.

And if there’s another thing that I can take away from last
night, it’s never make a U-turn (or as Audi/Batdude eloquently
puts it as a lowercase N-turn)
even when the journey seems dark and endless. You never know what
kind of light is at the end of it.

So What Does That Make Me Again?

Whatever that doesn’t break or kill you the first time, will make
you look like a major doofus if you let it happen to you again
the second time around. You’re definitely a dumbass if it happens
to you the third time.

Yours truly is waaayyy past that number already.

Ramadhan Kareem

The month of Ramadhan is here again. Here’s wishing all Muslims a
good and fulfilling month ahead. May the holy month bring
everyone peace, prosperity and joy. Insya-Allah.

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