So What Does That Make Me Again?

Whatever that doesn’t break or kill you the first time, will make
you look like a major doofus if you let it happen to you again
the second time around. You’re definitely a dumbass if it happens
to you the third time.

Yours truly is waaayyy past that number already.


  1. Ms. Read

    Looks like you have issues there dude! Try to go against your norms sometimes ya’.. You’ll never know what you gonna get unless you try.. Wait!! I believe somebody told me once that TRY doesn’t really exist.. Hmmm….

  2. laydiefa

    ni kena angin akhmar ke ni?

  3. dJ phuturecybersonique

    if “angin akhmar” this many times, i’d be a dead dumbassed dude already la dey! :P

  4. laydiefa

    so it was “angin pus-pus” then. :p~

  5. nong

    isk, what happen?????

  6. Ms. Read

    dJ kena angin pus²..

  7. bibi

    Redzuan…I think I know what it is. It’s not angin ahmar, not angin pus pus.

    Probably angin satu badan da…kah kah kah!

    Chill dude chill!

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