Month: December 2002

You’re Not The Boss Of Me Now

As of 4:00pm last Tuesday, December 24th, 2002, I’m no longer with
I tendered my resignation
last month and have thus served my notice period. For the time being,
I’m part of the unemployed statistics but worry not, there’s something
else I’m working on already. It’s quite exciting if I do say so myself
and I hope to be able to let y’all know when the time comes! ;)

I hope I’m not too late to wish Merry Christmas to those celebrating! :P

I’m Now Officially A Brother-In-Law!

Bet some of you out there are eager to know how the wedding weekend went. Suffice to say that it was truly a testing and trying period for my Mom, Dad and myself! But praise be to God that everything on the overall turned out fine and that Adik is now officially Zamri's (or Jim as he is known to close family and friends) wife. I can go blabbing on and on about how the preparations and the ceremonies went but I guess some pictures of the akad nikah ceremony and the reception will more than suffice for now right? I do not have pictures of the khatam Qur'an ceremony as I was busy with the preparations at the hall for the reception so that'll have to wait for now. Also, Osman has some great pictures taken during the reception as well.

To those who came, on behalf of my family, I cannot thank you enough for making it to the event! If there were any shortcomings, it was of ours and we truly apologize. For those who helped out with the wedding preparations, no words can do justice to describe our gratitude for making the event a success.

To Adik and Jim, many congratulations on your tying the knot! Make it a good one, the both of you!

Adik’s Wedding – Reception

Adik & Zamri’s Wedding – Reception
December 21, 2002

Adik & Zamri’s Wedding – Reception
December 29, 2002

Adik’s Wedding – Nikah

December 20, 2002

Beat Y’all To It!

So much about my post earlier this morning about being offline
temporarily until the wedding is over, but I just GOTTA write about this
one! I mentioned previously
that I did not watch Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Rings
when it first came out until I got hold of the Platinum Edition DVD. Well,
not so this time around! I just got back from the premiere showing of
Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers
at TGV KLCC just now! With Fellowship Of The Rings still fresh in my
mind, it was quite easy to follow this installment of the trilogy although
I still have trouble remembering the names of the characters and
places. Certainly one helluva piece of movie making! Visually, they’re
just as stunning as Star Wars, if not better (the battle scenes are
AWESOME!), but in terms of storyline and dialog, even the Force is no
match for this and it beats the pants off Star Wars without even trying!
I dunno if I should go watch it (The Two Towers) again ‘cos I’m sure
everybody will be thronging the cinemas to watch it when it opens

By the way, just to make y’all several shades of green with envy, if
getting to watch it ahead of its official opening day wasn’t good enough,
I got the tickets to watch the premiere just now FOR FREE! I gotta give
props to Shaz
of the Xfresh
crew! See! It pays to know the gang! Many, many thanks, dude! I owe
you BIG!

Temporarily Offline

Pardon me on the lack of updates of late but it’s been terribly busy
with Sis’ wedding looming just a couple of days away. So many things
to do, so few hands to work on it. It’s good training if and when my
turn comes though, as far as the preparations are concerned (and at a
much smaller scale too!) :P Anyway, normal transmission will resume
once this blows over.

How Time Can Sneak Up On You

I’m still on my Hari Raya break. Will only get back to work this
Thursday and no, I won’t have to go back to Singapore anymore as my
assignment there is done! Almost three months went by just like that.
Anyhow, despite the much deserved break, there’s just plenty of things
that need to be done, especially the preparations for my Sister’s
wedding which is right next week! Funny how things can just creep up
on you and utter “Booyaka! It’s time!” without you realizing it. :P

Some slight mods on this website. I’m giving narcissism a try by
putting that tv/digi-cam capture smack on the main page. :P Also,
some signs of life on this dude’s website.
Go give him props!

Listening to: Metalheadz Presents: Platinum Breakz CD

The 2002 Eid Experience

Maybe I’m a little late, but Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all who bother
reading this little corner of the world wide web where I put my ramblings
down in writing. The last three days has been very tiring. Here’s how it

Wednesday: If almost getting fined or jailed by immigration for
overstaying at Singapore wasn’t bad enough, it took me a total of 6
hours to get from Singapore to KL via trains and plane. And to think I
missed getting a seat on an earlier flight by just a number. Arrgghh!

Thursday: Barely half hour I was awake, I was already driving my family
down to Johor Bahru. My mistake for catching up on the rest and sleep
in the afternoon as I ended up with insomnia that night till 2am.

Friday: Woke up early, went to perform the Eid prayers and the rest of
the day, we were visiting relatives (and eating, driving, eating, driving,
ad nauseam) from JB to Batu Pahat to Muar before heading home for
Kajang at 10pm. The drive could’ve been made less challenging had
my Dad not kept on yawning unnecessarily loudly over the already loud
Crystal Method CD I had playing over the car stereo. It was contagious!
Why can’t have he just slept? I’ve clocked in a few thousand hours of
driving over the past 10 years of my life, but this has been THE most
challenging drive I have ever done so far!

No, “Drive carefully” is not exactly my motto now. It’s more like “Stay
away from the roads!” for the moment.

Dysfunctional Families Rock!

Some people chide me for my liking slapstick TV comedy, particularly
those that feature totally dysfunctional families, i.e.
The Simpsons,
Married With Children,
3rd Rock From The Sun
(Okay, so 3rd Rock doesn’t really count then). But hey, they
crack me up real good! Watching them is my own form of escapism and
kinda therapeutic in some sense. Anyway, I admit, I never got to watch
Malcolm In The Middle
ever since it started showing on our television network. Out of impulse,
I bought Malcolm in the Middle: The Complete First Season DVD
the other day. Certainly worth all the money spent on it! I can’t believe
I’ve been giving the show a miss all this while! I’ve finished watching 2
discs already and there’s one more to go. Linwood Boomer’s a genius!

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