You’re Not The Boss Of Me Now

As of 4:00pm last Tuesday, December 24th, 2002, I’m no longer with
I tendered my resignation
last month and have thus served my notice period. For the time being,
I’m part of the unemployed statistics but worry not, there’s something
else I’m working on already. It’s quite exciting if I do say so myself
and I hope to be able to let y’all know when the time comes! ;)

I hope I’m not too late to wish Merry Christmas to those celebrating! :P


  1. Bart

    Uyoo… u serious man? I never thought that it could be serious when u mentioned that you’ve had enough with Avanade.

    Anyway, good luck. Do buzz me if Helsinki or Oslo’s plan is on.


  2. dJcybersonique

    Let me make it clear: I have *nothing* against my ex-employer nor do I hold any grudges. It’s actually a good company (C’mon! It’s formed and backed up by Accenture and Microsoft!) and I had really good peers whom I reckon are the best when it comes to delivering .NET based solutions. My decision is solely a personal one. So there you have it! Right off the horse’s mouth! ;)

  3. Bart

    Ok. Follow your heart man. If you think this is right, then it is. So, what’s next, project codenamed Helsinki and Oslo, jadi ke?

  4. dJcybersonique

    The detail, as they say, is in the part that’s not spoken! ;) And I want it left that way. As for Helsinki, Turku or Espoo, we’ll see as well! ;)

  5. Albert Ng

    So are you coming back to the previous employer? ;) I guessed as much when you said the die was cast. Not in Singapore or KLCC anymore? Have you solved the Square One?

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