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WiFi Thursday

I’m hanging out at Gloria Jeans with Albert
and Shaz
again. Ina was around for a bit before she went off to do her hair. We
were priviliged enough to be graced by the short appearance of Her
Brickyness herself, Irma
and friend Jochebed. Alyaa also made an appearance, and with her
Mom too! Albert got some extra lovin’ from the ladies today ‘cos he
brought along a HP Tablet PC
(and loaded with Linux too mind you!). Sweet!

Go Bucs! A Million Bucs!!!

It’s halftime on the 37th Superbowl as I’m writing this and Tampa Bay
Buccaneers are leading the Oakland Raiders by 17 points! Way to go,
Bucs! Brad Johnson, Keyshawn Johnson, Michael Pittman and
ex-Boilermaker Mike “Bulldozer” Alstott
are really making life hard for the Raiders as the Raiders defense keeps
on giving away the ball and yardage during play! Be back later!

Update (11:20am): After so many years in the NFL, the
Tampa Bay Buccaneers finally got the monkey off their back by winning
their first ever Superbowl title with a thumping 48-21 win over the
Oakland Raiders. They led the first half 20 to 3 but let the Raiders
catch up with a blocked punt and a fumbled snap during the 3rd
quarter. Nonetheless the Bucs hung and pressed on and with Raider’s
Rich Gannon giving out lazy passes, the Bucs went on to take the
Superbowl title home.

Saturday Night Geek Out

Nothing like geeking out on a Saturday night with a
Wireless DSL Router/Switch. Yerright. Sad state of affairs indeed. Anyway, I got this sucker the other day but haven’t been able to sit down and even test it out and put it through its paces just yet. I could be doing something else at this time but I reckon I’d be a homeboy this Saturday night and toy around with this thing.

Life is certainly interesting, although not necessarily peachy all the time, if you open up your mind to see things.

I feel a migraine coming. Some Saturday night this is turning out to be.

Listening to: Pop ShuvitJump (legit MP3 from their own website)

Fencesitting For A Reason

I always think that people who choose to get themselves involved in
Malaysian politics are doing it for their own personal gains and benefit
rather than for the people in their constituencies who voted for them in
the first place. There are obviously some very few who aren’t but they
are severely outnumbered by those who are. I would say most of the
politicians who are of the ruling coalition party have become apple
polishers rather than truly championing for the rights of the people
they are representing. It’s all about pleasing the masters without due
discrimination or worse, proper implementation plan (think along the
lines of the many changes in the education policy in the last few
months), just so that they remain “favorable” to continue receiving
their “benefits”. On the other side of the fence, we’ve got a bunch of
zealots who are hellbent on preaching and shoving their ideals down
people’s throats without considering all aspects of it like how it will
affect people of varying ethnicity in this country and their ever so
condescending “holier than thou” attitude towards everyone who don’t
share their values. Certainly reason enough for me to stay away from
politics with these kind of things going on. At least my conscience is
clear knowing that I’m not involved in something that I think is for the
wrong cause and intent.

Scourge And Scum Of The Internet

If there are two things that I hate most on the Internet, it’s gotta be
pop-up ads and spam. These by-product of the dot-com era that are
supposed to help fledgling web businesses stay in business are, in fact,
making them go out of business. Can you tell how many times have
you recently gone to any website that is advertised on a pop-up (or
pop-under) window among the kajillion that pops right up upon
entering a particular site? None? How many times then have you gone
to that website that opens those kajillion pop-ups? Lesser? See, if
income is based on the number of hits that a site gets, then obviously
it’s not HELPING (I have long since doubted this model ever since it
came out, let alone understand the rationale of it)! What more if the
users use Mozilla
to kill those pop-ups from ever appearing.

And then there’s spam. Like I’m so desperately in need to enlarge my
penis and wanna grow big boobs while I’m at it. And of course, I could
use a million bucks by helping some disposed country leader siphon
money out from the country he fled from ‘cos the people thought he
sucked. Rrriiiiight…. No big deal, just delete? Why do I frickin’ need to
wait for them to download first then? It’s a waste of bandwidth and
most importantly, MY TIME ‘cos that major telco in this country blows
goats so much that they monopolize and own the infrastructure that
they cannot bring upon themselves to upgrade and improve ’em so we
don’t have to use dial-up anymore! Change email addresses? Sure, if
you can help me inform all my acquaintences in my address book that
I’ve changed email addresses… wait… then you’re gonna have my new
email address and spam it to death too!

Aahh phooey. I’m always pissed off on Mondays…

Censors Turn Me Off

I really don’t understand what’s up with those pixellated cleavages seen
during the live broadcast of the Golden Globe
awards over NTV7
this morning. What’s the difference anyways? Take a walk along KL/PJ
and the scene is pretty much the same (minus the boob jobs on
majority of ’em :P). Someone needs a job is it? Perhaps those censors
would like to try putting frosted window panes over some women bosoms
when they’re walking out there in public then.

Early Spring Cleaning

Ayah installed an AC unit into my room the other day despite my
reluctance since, sooner or later, I’ll be moving out anyways. The wiring
of the AC just got done today and barely after it got done, we were on
our way to Shah Alam (which is coincidentally close to the home of my
ex-colleague who got married last night!) to help Adik and Jim clean
their house. The house was previously rented to Jim’s friends so it
*REALLY* needed some good scrubbing and rewiring job as well so
spent the rest of the day there. Meanwhile back home, my room is still
in shambles after that wiring job. I can’t sleep so long as it’s in a mess
so I hope the neighbors aren’t disturbed by the sound of the vacuum
cleaner later tonight. :P

Spoonfork has succumbed to our
threats NOT TO GO OFFLINE! That sidebar ain’t the same without a link
to his site, nahmsayin? Heheh!

White White: 1987 – 2003

Our cat White White died this evening at 6:00pm, succumbing to the
kidney and liver failure that he’s been having for the past two weeks
or so. I reckon he led a pretty good life as a cat making us all in the
family pretty much happy and amused with his antics. If that cat were
human, he’d be like the third kid in the family and my kid brother. He
was a good cat.

And yes, he was rather big for a cat too. He weighed a good 10-13kgs!

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