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The night view outside Phuturecrib

Yes, they’re clickable.

Mooving Urth

Okay, so I wanted to move mountains
yesterday, I didn’t mean to have the earth move
too. Good thing I’ve been taking the stairs every evening when I
come back from work to get to my apartment on the 10th floor as
we had to evac the building TWICE last night and was only allowed
to go back in at around 4am. Years of jet-lag and
sleep-deprivation finally
kinda paid off last night.

Mooving Mountaynzz

I will not fail nor falter I shall succeed,
My perception is altered I do believe,
Faith is so strong now nothing shall bar my way,
Firm conviction is no fiction,
This is My Day.

Now Showing On Phuturecam: Sepet

You can’t get away without mentioning Sepet
these days, can you? The Phuturecam you see on the
main page of this website is currently featuring
some of my favorite shots and quotes taken from that movie at
random. And as a public service and act of civil disobedience,
I’m also including the shots that got censored. Catch ’em if ya

Michael Learns To Iron

My Evolution MK-249 keyboard from M-Audio arrived today. After forking out for the keyboard, I was too cheapskate to go out and get a proper keyboard stand. So the pseudo-studio in my crib has this rather peculiar looking setup now.

Sure the stuff serves its purpose like those typical keyboard stands do, but if anybody were to bring out a setup like this on stage for a live performance, I'm pretty sure that it'll make the person behind the keyboard look more like an ironing lady than a proper performing musician.

Unless of course, you wanna name your band Iron Maiden.

I, ANAL (I, Am Not A Lawyer)

My experience at the Tribunal today confirms two things that I
have long suspected:

  1. I hate lawyers. Especially if I have to go up against
  2. My command of formal Bahasa totally blows goats. I do
    not have a problem with conversational Bahasa, but in
    formal situations, and especially that has got to do
    with law, I was left in a daze when the judge finished
    uttering whatever she was uttering. I totally blame my
    watching too much television when I was growing up
    that made my England too powderful.
    Besides, was there ever a local version of Ally McBeal
    or The Practice, anyways?

Still, despite my struggling, I managed to achieve my
objective to have my case heard at the Tribunal instead of
the High Court (which was what the opposing lawyers wanted so
that they can have the case delayed) and obtain permission to
subpoena a witness when the case is heard again in a couple of
months’ time.

Did I mention I hate lawyers?

Actorlympics: Year Of The Rooster

The tagline for this year’s Actorlympics reads “Let the fight
begin as the cocks rise to the occassion”. But I thought last
night’s show was a bit flaccid (pun very much intended) as some
of the acts seemed a little bit too contrived than the previous
ones I attended. Then again, unlike last year’s Actorlympics,
it was good that I didn’t get sat on by Afdlin Shauki this time
around. The dude looked like he has gained mega poundage that
would’ve given me something between hernia and hemorroid if
that were to happen. I miss Nell Ng’s fondling though (she wasn’t
in last night’s line up).

Still, I had great company last night and managed to tie some
more faces/names that I have been seeing on tv/movie/web to
flesh. That’s always a good consolation.

I Drive Too Fast Too Serious

I broke my car’s speedometer again. That’s the fourth time within
the past year already. Either they don’t make the parts like they
used to or I really gotta try slowing down a tad while driving.

I Need A New Watch

My watch has been on the blink for the past week but I keep
wearing it anyways despite knowing that I won’t be able to keep
track or tell the time properly. It’s not that I have any
nostalgic reasons to keep wearing that watch. It’s just that 1. I
feel kinda “naked” if I don’t have a watch on my left wrist
whenever I go out. 2. I’m holding out just in case if any member
of the opposite sex were to ask me for the time so that I can pull a
Craig David
and say that “it’s gonna cost her her name, a six digit number
and a date with me tomorrow at nine.”
I can use some help in
looking for that new watch.

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