Michael Learns To Iron

My Evolution MK-249 keyboard from M-Audio arrived today. After forking out for the keyboard, I was too cheapskate to go out and get a proper keyboard stand. So the pseudo-studio in my crib has this rather peculiar looking setup now.

Sure the stuff serves its purpose like those typical keyboard stands do, but if anybody were to bring out a setup like this on stage for a live performance, I'm pretty sure that it'll make the person behind the keyboard look more like an ironing lady than a proper performing musician.

Unless of course, you wanna name your band Iron Maiden.


  1. bibi

    Hmm…go away mental image. Au naturelle, a keyboard, an ironing board and a boyish grin!!! Agh!!!

  2. ati

    hahahah nampak sangat ke”bujang”annya..

  3. nur

    clean and clear

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