Now Showing On Phuturecam: Sepet

You can’t get away without mentioning Sepet
these days, can you? The Phuturecam you see on the
main page of this website is currently featuring
some of my favorite shots and quotes taken from that movie at
random. And as a public service and act of civil disobedience,
I’m also including the shots that got censored. Catch ’em if ya


  1. bibi

    Harith: Ling…
    IdaNerina: Ammghghhhh…
    Harith: Si Orked tu serius ke dgn budak Cina tu?
    IdaNerina: Iye, minggu depan diarong nak kawin.

  2. Ainaa

    Wait a minute, I had to catch the cinema version. Where and how did you get the original version?


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