Month: July 2007

I’m Not Worthy

A few weeks ago, I mentioned about that piece of music I did for "So You Think You Can Dance" Top 12 episode that was to be choreographed by Pat Ibrahim. I'm just glad that there's at least one person out there who thinks that it was worth his/her time to put it up on YouTube:

I've also put up the few tracks that I've done slight remixes to for the show in my Imeem playlist. At least I think they're worthy enough.

If anything else, there's always the pictures that you can look at that's worth a couple thousand words.

Born On The 7th Of July

Ayah celebrates his 68th birthday today. The alignment of the
sevens automagically makes today somewhat auspicious but I bet
things were even more of a hoot back in 1977.

Anyways, Happy Birthday, Ayah!

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