The Cracked iPhone

You might want to sit down for this. In fact, if you can’t stomach the sight of a damaged piece of expensive electronics, you might want to skip this entry altogether.

My bad week last week culminated in my iPhone getting cracked. When I say crack, I don’t mean it in the jailbreak sense. Take a look for yourself. You have been warned.

Please don’t ask me how it happened. I just wished they’d make these things less fragile than a freshly circumcised penis in the first place. The fact that Maxis wants to charge a repair fee of RM1,050 with a MINIMUM waiting time of a month and a half just rubs it further. The stuff still works fine though. But instead of having your fingers glide over the glass surface like a baby’s bottom, it now feels like you’re navigating around granny’s wrinkled ass that might just make a lot of mess if you apply too much pressure.

I think I know what a heart attack feels like now.


  1. chrisoro



    That’s unforgiveable. I don’t care DJ, you are totally responsible. What did you do, put it in your back pocket? You shoulda put it on a strap and hung it round your neck! It’s a mac. You gotta treat it with love, dude.

    Pay the money. Bite the bullet. Put this massacre behind you.


  2. dJ phuturecybersonique

    The repair fee I can swallow. It’s the waiting time that I can’t take. I’ll be having a serious case of iPhone withdrawal symptoms then.

  3. jaywalker_82

    Not surprising seeing this post coming from you!

  4. Joo

    OMG!! you might want to try this. Less damage to your already broken heart and also the wallet

  5. jaywalker_82

    Al the freaky stuffs in life does come from Redz, first.

  6. dJ phuturecybersonique

    @jaywalker_82: what can i say. i’m everyone’s guinea pig.
    @joo: dood, they neither ship to malaysia nor singapore. :(

  7. laydiefa

    OMG i never thought it was this bad.
    i’d cry a river even if there’s a hairline crack.
    but for a ‘crushed’ front panel like this, man.. where’s the kitchen knife?

  8. lizzam can try and buy that using this:

    but in the meantime enjoy your bragging rights having an iphone on crack

  9. Louiss

    Hi redzuan, I’m the one who you email yesterday. I’m iPhone specialist, this will only take me around 1 – 2 hours to get it done. And the price is 50% cheaper than maxis. Call me at 0162332426, I will get it done today!!

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