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At The Actorlympics Again

Unlike Actorlympics 2002
and Actorlympics 2003,
this year’s Actorlympics 2004 – Acropolis Now
turned into something out of my wet dream when I got pulled
onstage and fondled groped by
Nell Ng
in front of a live audience. Then it got weird when Reza Zainal
Abidin did a crotch watch on me before I got hunted by “Crocodile
Hunter” Edwin Sumun. As with any dreams I have, it turned into
horror when 200-something pound (probably more) Afdlin Shauki
wrestled and pinned me to the ground ala WWE.
Now thanks to him, I have regular bowel movements once more.

Three Point Oh

Three years. That’s a tenth of my life so far. What’s even more
amazing is that are actually people out there are keeping up with
the incessant ramblings that I churn out on this site. Thanks,
y’all! Nothing else to say to that except Happy Birthday,
Cybersonique-dot-Org and Happy Merdeka, Malaysia.

Going Ugly Early

I stand corrected with regards to my use of the term
Warong Waiter Look“.
The correct term for that is “retrosexual
which means “man with an undeveloped aesthetic sense who
spends as little time and money as possible on his appearance
and lifestyle.”
Also applicable in situations when a person
is deprived of procreational related activities as how Karen
Krizanovich puts it: “I haven’t had sex in so long I’m
retrosexual.” Finally, an adjective that fittingly describes
yours truly for all occassions besides
It won’t be long before I go ugly early.

Chicken Stock For The Soul

Eating a whole chicken stock is not equal to eating a whole
chicken. I’m not even sure if both are actually equal in terms of
nutritional value. Anyhow, my tastebuds are all funny now after
eating one (the stock). Enough to keep me off anything that
resembles a chicken for the rest of the week. I doubt that would
be enough to keep me immune to any form of avian flu though.

Cheapened Overrated IT Certifications

Nothing irks me more than interviewing a pimply faced sysadmin
wannabe who proclaims to have been “conferred the title of MCSE
and MCDBA” (by monkey boy Ballmer,
no less) but know absolutely nothing when asked what Active
Directory, DNS, DHCP, IIS, routing, subnets, etc. etc. is all
about conceptually, let alone practically. If I ever come across
another of those paper MCSE
interviewees, you can be sure that I’m gonna proclaim myself as
“The best MCSE,
and some say CCNA!
So don’t play-play!” when in actuality I only hold SRP, SPM and a
D class driver’s license.

Returns And Revelations

Yes, I'm just as disappointed as most of y'all are about the change in lyrics in Kaer's song for AF2 finals. So the song will now be about a dude being grateful on the return of his ex. Heh! Just how many guys out there are actually grateful for the return of their ex after being missing in action for years and still be full of hope at that? *Shrug* Anyhow, I thought Omar K did a helluva kickass job with the original lyrics and of course, Teejay/Johan for laying down that beautiful track in the first place. By the way, here's a quick trivia for y'all out there. Remember Karim Daud's Tujuh Hari? Turns out that Omar K was the dude responsible for that among many, many other zany and wicked stuff (Karim Daud's Perasaan was way, way over the top!)! There's even a video of him floating on the 'Net performing "Tujuh Hari" live at the Battle Of The Bands held at Purdue University last year, representing Illinois as I found out from the man himself. Yeah, it'll be something I'll be holding against him to his firstborn. Hopefully that kid won't be as a result of what Karim Daud does on Wednesdays. Heh!

Listening to: Flanella – Bila Engkau (thanks, Sue!)

AF2: Kau Kembali

Akademi Fantasia is reaching fever pitch at the moment that even my Dad could bring up the topic over dinner! As most would have already known by now, six contestants (yay Linda!) have been selected via public SMS into the finals which is going to be held this weekend. During which, each of them will be given two songs to sing, one of which will be a BRAND NEW SONG that is specially composed for each contestant. Here now, I present to you one such song that will be sung by AF2 finalist Kaer. Composed by the talented duo of Johan Farid Kharuddin (the dude formerly known as Teejay, who composed Anuar Zain’s Permata and Sheila Majid’s Cinta Kita) with his buddy Omar Khan, exclusive via Cybersonique-dot-Org (and with permission from the composers themselves, even Kaer doesn’t know about this song at this time of my writing!) here is Kaer’s song for AF2 finals, Kau Kembali with its accompanying lyrics. It is a beautiful song and very fitting for Kaer indeed. Nicely done, J&K!

JFK (feat. Omar K) – Kau Kembali (Demo)

As if by chance, it is also Teejay’s (sorry, dude.. I’m just not used to calling you Johan! :P) birthday tomorrow (August 9). So, Happy Turning-A-Year-Older, Mr. Overgrown Kahuna!

So, Dah Kronik? ;)

Update (Aug 9, 2210 hours): A word of thanks to “Kaeratics” Javard and Sarah Syakirah for the additional publicity! ;)

Update (Aug 11, 0935 hours): It’s the second coming! Sultan Muzaffar has just picked up this entry. I’m bracing myself…

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