Going Ugly Early

I stand corrected with regards to my use of the term
Warong Waiter Look“.
The correct term for that is “retrosexual
which means “man with an undeveloped aesthetic sense who
spends as little time and money as possible on his appearance
and lifestyle.”
Also applicable in situations when a person
is deprived of procreational related activities as how Karen
Krizanovich puts it: “I haven’t had sex in so long I’m
retrosexual.” Finally, an adjective that fittingly describes
yours truly for all occassions besides
It won’t be long before I go ugly early.


  1. Barholomew

    You read the article in Health Today, didn’t you?

  2. jawadesoniqman

    i love stephenie sun

  3. Bartholomew

    Jawadesoniqman, dah bertahun-tahun aku rap, dapat lagu Saloma?

  4. jawadesoniqman

    are you a rapper bartholomeow?

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