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Political Correctness Going To Ridiculuous Extremes

The U.S. Pledge of Alliance has been deemed unconstitutional by a
federal appeals court. Apparently, an atheist parent took offence at
the line which says “under God” that his daughter was made to recite
at school every morning and thus decided to bring on the suit. One
senator apparently describes the whole situation as “political
correctness run amok”. This seems to be a case of life imitating art as
I’m reminded of that one South Park episode (Season 1’s Mr Hankey,
The Christmas Poo, if I’m not mistaken) where Kyle’s parents got
upset when their son was asked to take part in a Christmas Play
involving the Nativity scene. One thing led to another, the whole
townsfolk got involved and in their bid to come up with a neutral play,
the whole thing just sucked. Why can’t there be tolerance in this world?

Bitten By The Mouth That You Feed

There really is not much of a conscience to speak of in this world today.
Even though your intentions are sincere in helping out others who are
seemingly in a bind, you still end up getting screwed by the very same
people you helped. That’s life’s harsh reality these days it seems.

Why I Use P2P Applications To Download Music

While many people choose to download music off the Net instead of
purchasing them solely on economic grounds, I, on the other hand
choose to do so just because I cannot find the CDs in the local music
stores. While CDs are still rather pricey on this side of the planet,
every once in a while I manage to save a bit and splurge on some CDs
but almost always end up not finding what I want, hence why I resorted
to the ‘Net. I’ve been using Audiogalaxy
for about a year already and thus it is with great sadness to hear that
it too had to succumb to RIAA‘s
demands that it ceases facilitating distribution of copyrighted works
amongst their users. As with many other users I’m sure, I’ll probably
be seeking refuge on other services such as Kazaa,
etc. to get my music fix.

I’m very much aware that Audiogalaxy comes along with some
applications so I spent a good part of the late evening getting rid of
some residue spyware on my machine that still remains despite my
uninstalling Audiogalaxy. I should have done this thing earlier
after realizing that the original intended application doesn’t have
dependencies on the Spyware/Adware. The fact that some
people out there are tracking the sites that I visit and God knows,
perhaps even passwords that I use to do online purchases just both
scares and pisses me off.

“No! No! I Have Decided! Dah Lama Dah!”

Our Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohammed dropped a
bombshell yesterday evening during towards the end of his speech
during the UMNO caucus by announcing his resignation from all party
and political posts. Before he was able to regain his composure and
continue, several members of the Supreme Council huddled around
the rostrum trying to persuade him to retract his resignation,
reasoning with him that the nation still needs him, which he seemingly
agreed to about an hour after that as announced by the Deputy Prime
Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi. Some were seen openly weeping
over shouts of “Retract! Retract!” and “Long live, Mahathir!” during the
hour long wait.

Some may deem this as political theatrics as a way for Dr. M to gauge
his acceptance amongst party members as well as the nation as a
whole. Personally, I see it as a way of Dr. M giving the nation a wake
up call to face an eventuality.

What perplexes me is the non-acceptance of his resignation amongst
many. Perhaps he should have discussed with the rest of the Supreme
Council members and done it in a somewhat gentler manner. But still,
sooner or later, he will eventually retire as the nation’s Prime Minister
and we will have to accept that. Then somebody else will need to step
up to the plate and fill his shoes. Given that his shoes are indeed big,
perhaps his successor won’t be able to fill it in immediately but we’ve
got to give the person some time and chance to allow his feet to

Thing is, he has done so much for the nation already. It’s time for us
not to be reliant on just him all the time. We ourselves need to stand
on our own two feet and work towards acheiving greater heights. This
is especially so for the Malays (myself included). I think Dr. M has
given us all two strong feet to stand on already. Time and time again,
Dr. M has reminded the Malays not to be complacent with status quo.
Perhaps his shock announcement is just what is needed as a wake up
call to face what may become an eventual reality.

Samba Trounces The English

So England lost 1-2 in the hands (or feet, rather!) of Brazil. The hero
and villian of the game was undoubtedly Ronaldinho. The former for
his beautiful flukeshot of a goal that sealed the scoreline of the game
and the latter for being sent off minutes after that for a late tackle on
England’s David Mills. What surprised me was that despite being
reduced to 10 men, Brazil was still attacking. It would be interesting to
see the possibility of a Brazil-Senegal match in the next round as both
teams are known to have an attacking gameplay with less emphasis
on defense.

The weekend is here again. Any more dramas like the last?

Points of Authority

It disgusts me no end to see people with authority intimidate other
people for their own personal gains. The reason why we appoint people
to have power is that we trust them to keep order in the place we go
about doing our daily things. We would not have them in where they’re
at had we known earlier that they’re going to go about intimidating
people with that same authority we trust them with. To quote a famous
superhero, “With great powers comes great responsibility”. So much for
trust in this world then.

Six Days On A Weekend

Perhaps I should’ve just shut my trap about having to brace through a
Friday evening meeting the other day ‘cos what I just went through over
the weekend was just insane. A disaster occured at one of my company’s
client’s computing resources and I was among the few who had to
attend to the issue. To cut things short, we had to initiate the disaster
recovery plan and it lasted through the weekend. So technically, I’ve
been putting in 6 working days over the weekend (with each working
day being the standard 8 hours) already. At this moment of writing, I’ve
been awake for about 50 hours already since Saturday morning (God
help me ‘cos I haven’t brushed my teeth for two days already :P). That’s
how my weekend went. I’m off to sleep in a while.

Listening to: Wyclef Jean featuring Claudette Ortiz – Two Wrongs

Gimme A Break!

I just don’t get it sometimes. Who in the right mind would schedule a
meeting at 6:30pm ON A FRIDAY EVENING??! If that’s bad enough, the
whole frickin’ thing lasted about THREE HOURS AND A HALF! This is
taking the concept of working hard into dumbassed proportions. I’m all
for working hard, but at the same time, working smartly. At the end of
the day, it affects your quality of life. From my past experience, there’s
so much more to lose When your work life overwhelms your personal
life. It’s a downward spiral from there.

Anyhow, now that the weekend’s here, I’m looking forward to spending
it watching “The Simpsons – The Complete First Season” DVD
which just arrived by hand, courtesy of Suria. There’s also the John Mayer’s Room For Squares
as well as Baby Boy’s soundtrack
CDs on top of the World Cup matches so there’s plenty to keep my
time occupied this weekend I guess. Thanks much again, Su! :)

You may complain that if that’s the kind of life I lead on weekends,
then there’s not much of a life to lose, but heck, it’s MY own life! So

Listening to: Zero 7 – Destiny

Sports Weekend

Boy! What a weekend it was for sports! First, the World Cup. A couple of
interesting matches, the highlight being the England-Argentina match
in which the latter won 1-0. Beckham was the sole goalscorer in that
match and it was through a penalty shot. Should give Argentina enough
jitters as far as their chances to advance into the second round already.

Then there’s the NBA playoffs. I was rooting for Sacramento Kings to
make it instead of the Los Angeles Lakers. Now that Lakers is in the
finals, I doubt that New Jersey Mets would be able to stop the
Shaq-Kobe juggernaut. In most of the playoff games against the Kings,
they both contributed 70-something points out of the team score of

And finally we’ll have the Formula 1 race later tonight. I doubt I’ll be up
for it since it’s gonna well into the middle of the night. As it is, Montoya
already has pole position with Schumacher alongside him to make up
the first row at the starting grid. Should prove to be an interesting race.

Btw, hope it’s not too late for me to wish Bart Happy Birthday! Many
happy returns dude!

Selamat Pengantin Baru: Reizaal & Linda

Another wedding weekend. This time around it's my ex-housemate's when I was at uni. Congratulations, dude! To quote the guy just before getting on the procession, "Tak elok tunggu lama-lama, karat nanti!" Heh! Trust on Ijal to come up with gems like that! Pictures are here, by the way.

Went to Bukit Bintang later after the wedding reception and got/treated myself a couple of things. Got me a copy of Return To Castle Wolfenstein and American McGee's Alice games. Been a while since I played any good games on my PC. The last being Max Payne and Black & White. I've started playing Return To Castle Wolfenstein already. If that kinda stuff can already invoke that kinda suspense, I really can't wait for Doom III by Carmack and Co. at id Software to come out!

I also got me a power adapter/charger for my digicam. I can now proceed with my webcam project! Heh! Don't worry! There won't be any of them American Pie stunts! Firstly, I don't have that much upstream Internet connectivity to shout about and second, I'm kept reminded by what not to do when you have a webcam! Heh!

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