Selamat Pengantin Baru: Reizaal & Linda

Another wedding weekend. This time around it's my ex-housemate's when I was at uni. Congratulations, dude! To quote the guy just before getting on the procession, "Tak elok tunggu lama-lama, karat nanti!" Heh! Trust on Ijal to come up with gems like that! Pictures are here, by the way.

Went to Bukit Bintang later after the wedding reception and got/treated myself a couple of things. Got me a copy of Return To Castle Wolfenstein and American McGee's Alice games. Been a while since I played any good games on my PC. The last being Max Payne and Black & White. I've started playing Return To Castle Wolfenstein already. If that kinda stuff can already invoke that kinda suspense, I really can't wait for Doom III by Carmack and Co. at id Software to come out!

I also got me a power adapter/charger for my digicam. I can now proceed with my webcam project! Heh! Don't worry! There won't be any of them American Pie stunts! Firstly, I don't have that much upstream Internet connectivity to shout about and second, I'm kept reminded by what not to do when you have a webcam! Heh!

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  1. linda n reizaal

    thanks for sharing the photos with others, well our son is 1 year n 1 month old now, thanks again

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