Month: February 2008

Lose Weight! Get Laid! Find God!

Every once in a while, I get a wild hair up my butt and buy a book judged solely on its cover like this one. According to the description, this book is supposed to “guide you through all the essential stages of life, one year at a time from 0 to 100, from your birth to your midlife crisis, from losing your virginity to planning your cryogenic freezing.”

Available at a bookstore near you. There’s also a copy on my coffeetable for anyone to read when they pop by. Call first. I may be doing some real life catching up.

Two Worlds, One Mac(hine)

A few days into with the MacBook Pro. I think I’ve gotten over the initial euphoria and ready to get it worked on over the festive holidays. First order of the day, I cranked up its memory to 3GB. Two words with five syllables: VMWare Fusion. This little baby lets me run Windows (or any other x86 or x64 based operating system for that matter) within Mac OS X as a virtual machine. Admittedly, there are still a couple of things I need that only exist in Windows and not available on Mac OS X. So having the ability to drop into Windows quickly to do whatever that’s needed instead of booting up the nearest PC is a real time saver (more so when you’re on the go). As far as I can tell, Windows is actually running FASTER in VM than on my 2 year old PC! Coolest feature? Unity mode! It’s like having Mac OS X and Windows applications together on the SAME SCREEN (can someone say identity crisis?). Check out the screenshot below:

And when I’m all done using Windows, I can just discard whatever state it’s in and have it reset to its last clean state, which is great in case I muck up Windows with viruses/spyware or any misconfiguration whatnots, all without having to re-install Windows.

I love the irony of the whole thing though: That it takes Mac OS X (with a little help from VMWare) to make Windows usable and stable for my own use once again.

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