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Pebbles In The Garden Hose

I’ve got another one of those episodes where I’m passing rocks.
Yes, people. Hardly a year since the last occurence,
I’m getting another one. Weird thing is that, with the amount
of liquid that I’ve been consuming over the years (at least two
bottles of water from the 1.5L mineral water bottles daily), I
really don’t know what gives. The results of the blood and
urine tests show everything as normal. My kidneys must be ultra
strong to be able to form rocks under tidal wave like conditions
it seems. I’m seeing a urology specialist on this to find out
what’s really going on and monitor stuff until the next one is
passed out. At the rate I’m going, I should have enough of
those to make an engagement and a wedding ring (yeah, both of
’em!). What better way to show affection to the loved one than
something from the very bottom of the kidneys, eh?

Serendipity That’s Lost

Anil Dash
laments on how the directness of contemporary communication (i.e.
mobile, email, IM, etc.) has caused a
decline in possible exciting chance encounters
these days. Perhaps true to a certain extent, but as once said
by Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) in Jurassic Park: “Life will
find its way”. As it is, there have already been quite a
number of those “social networking” services available out
there such as Friendster,
community based websites or even weblogs for that matter. Even
Google is also getting on the social networking scene
So the avenue for chance encounters has somewhat found its way
onto the Internet already, catering the needs of the possible
masses on the medium. Then again, call me old fashioned, but I
reckon nothing beats getting a whiff of pheromones
from the opposite sex in real life encounters and start getting
horny busy coming up with a sexy pick-up line.
How’s that for chancing it?

Takin’ It To The ‘Street!

Two and a half years since I started this website
and some eight months since Project Petaling Street
(PPS) went live,
I thought I’d usher in the Year of the Monkey in a geeky
blogger way. I have thus decided to make the jump from being a
mere lurker of The ‘Street to be part of The ‘Street community
itself! As part of the recent revamp
that was done on this website, I reckon, why not? Slow to join
the bandwagon perhaps, but hey, what’s the rush when it comes
to “navel gazing”, eh? ;)

Since this site runs on a totally homebrewed solution,
‘pinging’ PPS was something that had to be built into the
backend. In tradition of standing on the shoulders of giants,
I’ve converted Alphaque’s pingMT()
that he released when PPS was being conceived
into VB/ASP. Perhaps someone out
there might find it of use if he/she is has too much time on
their hands to come up with their own blogging tool like yours
truly or Spoonfork
during the time when girls were allergic to him.

Gong Xi Fa Cai to all, by the way!

If You Plink To Me I’ll Plonk To You

Mom signed herself up for one of those “play by ear” lessons
recently. So to help her out, I bought a keyboard (the musical
kind) which I have also been wanting ever since I started
doing music tracking/composing/remixing on my
Commodore Amiga A1200
computer in 1993/1994 (jumping octaves on the computer keyboard,
while achievable, required some patience to live with). While
the keyboard ain’t no Korg, Roland or even Yamaha for that
matter, I was pleasantly surprised by how rich the
Casio WK-1800
keyboard sounded! What surprised me was that it also has an
on-board synth and sequencer, although I expect to be tinkering
most of the stuff via MIDI once I get the cables. Not bad for a
home keyboard actually! I’m not really a performer as much as I
am a tracker/composer/remixer but I reckon I can start
somewhere. I’m already plinking plonking away to
Dewa 19‘s piano ballad Cintakan Membawamu Kembali.
Perhaps one day I can sound as good as the
tracked MIDI version does. For now,
I’m just bleeding everyone’s ears as I go along.

Penang Engaged

My ex-housemate at uni, Firdaus (otherwise known as Penang to his close friends 'cos that's where he's from) took one step into tying the knot with his sweetheart, Fauzana. A bunch of us were there at Fauzana's place in Damansara. Have a look see. I'm sure both of them will be anxiously looking forward for the month of May to come!

Penang & Fauzana’s Engagement Ceremony

Saturday, January 17, 2004

Child Psychology

Of course this episode didn’t last forever
I’d made my point and it was time to move on
To peel away the next layer of deceit
And see what new surprises lay in store
My school report said I showed no interest
‘A disruptive influence’ I felt sorry for them in a way
And when they finally expelled me
It didn’t mean a thing

Life is unfair, kill yourself or get over it

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