Anil Dash
laments on how the directness of contemporary communication (i.e.
mobile, email, IM, etc.) has caused a
decline in possible exciting chance encounters
these days. Perhaps true to a certain extent, but as once said
by Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) in Jurassic Park: “Life will
find its way”. As it is, there have already been quite a
number of those “social networking” services available out
there such as Friendster,
community based websites or even weblogs for that matter. Even
Google is also getting on the social networking scene
So the avenue for chance encounters has somewhat found its way
onto the Internet already, catering the needs of the possible
masses on the medium. Then again, call me old fashioned, but I
reckon nothing beats getting a whiff of pheromones
from the opposite sex in real life encounters and start getting
horny busy coming up with a sexy pick-up line.
How’s that for chancing it?