Month: May 2008

I’m Not Wearing Underwear Today

I’m not wearing underwear today
No, I’m not wearing underwear today
Not that you probably care
Much about my underwear
Still nonetheless I gotta say
That I’m not wearing underwear todaaaaay!

I’m Not Wearing Underwear Today

So You Want Me To Get Married

It’s the Marry Month Of May once again and I’m being bombarded by the neverending barrage of the age old question at various weddings that I attend these days. I feel like breaking out into this parody of Duffy’s Mercy called Marry by the hitz.FM Morning Crew the next time anybody asks (since those snarky comebacks don’t quite work anymore).

hitz.FM Morning Crew – Marry

Excerpt from the lyrics:

So you think that I
Am a marrying kind of guy
You do not understand I’m a single man
Don’t mess up my plan
I don’t know what to do
Duffy’s kinda cool
Maybe I should say I do
Let me convince you
Take a listen to this
Shhh! Quiet please…

You’re begging me to marry (Yeah! Yeah!)
You want me go make babies (Yeah! Yeah!)
You want me go get married (Yeah! Yeah!)
You want me go get Duffy (Yeah! Yeah!)
I think you’re craaaaazy!

Ku Mahu Fall In Love With The DJ Tapi Malu

You can tell from the title of this mashup that this is one of those self serving efforts. And I’m putting four artistes and their songs to the cause namely Che’nelle (with I Fell In Love With The DJ), Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza (with Ku Mahu), Dina (with Malu Tapi Mahu) and Pitbull (with his rap from Lumidee’s Crazy). Once again, I have to thank Audi Mok a.k.a. Batdude for letting me mash his songs again after Hilang. I should start repaying him by contributing to his germfest gum pile.

Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza & Dina (feat. Che’nelle & Pitbull)
– Ku Mahu Fall In Love With The DJ Tapi Malu

Unlabor Yourself This Labor Day

I have been busy and I have been busy. And inevitably, I fell sick and it made me feel very unsexy all over. I need to remind myself more to pull back once in a while. I guess everybody can get carried away when they're in "the zone". I am, however, reminded of that story of that Singaporean woman who died of overwork around this time last year. She actually even wrote an entry about her overwork on her weblog a few days before she died.

Something for all you fellow workaholics (and perhaps slavedrivers) out there to ponder over during Labor Day.

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